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Ventura County Fire Department Water Safety Video


Shocking Statistics About Drowning

  • Drowning is the leading cause of preventable death for children ages 1-4.
  • In California, drowning is the leading cause of death for children under 14.
  • Children less than a year old are more likely to drown at home in a bathroom or bucket.
  • Children 1-4 years old are more likely to drown in a pool.  
  • Children 5 years of age and older are more likely to drown in open water such as the ocean, lake, pond or rivers. 

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Tips to Stay Safe in the Water

Know your pools. If you go to public swimming pools, be sure they meet safety inspection standards. Check to see if a local swimming pool is on Environmental Health's swimming pool closure list. Also follow these ten swimming safety tips:

  1. Supervise, Supervise, Supervise! - Tragedy can strike in seconds!
  2. Teach your kids to swim, but don't just rely on swim lessons to make your child "water safe".
  3. Learn CPR
  4. Feet first - Never dive into shallow or unknown water.
  5. Keep rescue equipment nearby. Inflatable toys are not life preservers. 
  6. Use the Layers of Protection. 
    • Keep all window and doors to the pool area closed and locked
    • Install fencing & self-latching gates around your pool.
    • Install alarms and secondary locking devices at home
  7. Avoid alcohol or drugs and swimming.
  8. Know what drowning looks like - drowning people usually cannot call for help.
  9. Follow the rules - adhere to all rules and warning flags.
  10. Know your limits - don't try to swim further than you can or hold your breath.

Home water safety- children can drown in a small amount of water

Water Safety Resources:

Water Safety & Drowning Prevention (PDF)

Safe Kids Ventura County- Water Safety

Pool Safely

CDC - Drowning Prevention

Josh the Otter

Drowning Prevention Alliance

American Red Cross Swim Lessons 

United States Lifesaving Association

California Surf Lifesaving Association

Hueneme Ocean Lifeguarding Association

Ventura County Fire Department Water Safety


Tip: If a child is missing, check all areas of water immediately!


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