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  • What services does the CHDP Office provide? +

    • CHDP maintains a list of CHDP Medical and Dental providers in Ventura County and provides names to families as needed.
    • CHDP Public Health Nurses certify and train providers and their staff to perform CHDP well-child exams.
      • CHDP well-child exams
      • Oral health education
      • Fluoride varnish application
      • Referrals to a dentist for routine dental care
    • Education and training opportunities for physicians and office staff:
    • Care coordination for CHDP Gateway patients with any health related issues such as mental health, dental problems, etc.
    • CHDP provides information to families about CHDP services and related health information by conducting presentations, attending health fairs and other community events.
    • Linking to county resources by:
      • Provide health education resources and materials
      • Offer free toothbrushes to participating providers
    • CHDP is closely associated with other preventive health programs:
      • Childhood Oral Health Education Program (COHEP)
      • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)
      • Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC)
  • CHDP Nurse Consultant Services: +

    • Promotion of pediatric best practices through:
      • Facility and Medical Records Review
      • Performance Measures monitoring (Lead, Dental, Developmental Screening)
      • Information on promising new practices and pediatric health issues
    • Training and education for providers and provider staff offered as noontime in-services or onsite by arrangement:
      • CHDP program overview
      • CHDP Gateway Process
      • New provider mandatory training
      • New provider staff (front office, back office, etc.) training
      • Screening requirements
      • How to Weigh and Measure Children Accurately for the CHDP Well-Child Exam
      • Oral Health Education and Fluoride Varnish Application
      • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program updates
      • Lead fingerstick training
      • Other child health topics such as behavioral health, developmental screening and safety
    • Semi-annual certificate workshops
      • An audiometric workshop with didactic learning and a practicum is held annually. This training focuses on play audiometric screening for children 3-5 years. Designated personnel are required to complete re-certification every 4 years.
      • A vision workshop held with didactic learning and a practicum is held annually. Designated personnel are required to complete re-certification every 4 years.
  • Who can become a CHDP Provider? +

  • How can I become a CHDP Provider? +

  • Who can apply fluoride varnish? +

    Clinic staff members who have completed required training are able to apply fluoride varnish to children under a physician's order.
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Where can I find more information and forms that I need?

See Forms for Providers

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