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Built Environment

The built environment we live in has profound impacts on our lives and our health. Learning how it impacts us, and how we can improve the built environment, offers ways for us to improve our health. A report from Sprawl Watch shows how the kinds of factors that impact us include "housing characteristics, land-use patterns, transportation choices, or architectural or urban-design decisions." Here are some more resources to help you find ways to improve your community for yourself, your family, and your friends..

The Impact of the Built Environment on Community Health

Centers for Disease Control:
Designing and Building Healthy Places
CDC Report: Impact of the Built Environment on Health
Prevention Institute: Profiles of Neighborhood Transformation. Read neighborhood-level stories about changes people have made in their environments. People have worked on issues related to food, community gardens, reducing traffic and pollution, and many other issues.

Here's a report from the US Green Building Council hat shows the impact of road design and traffic flow decisions on our risks for injury and illness.
Local Resources: Get involved

Find out about what's going on in your community. Find ways to get involved and help improve the community you live in.

County of Ventura Planning Division
Camarillo Planning Commission
Moorpark Planning Commission
Ojai Planning Commission
Oxnard Planning Division
Port Hueneme Community Development
Santa Paula Planning Division
Simi Valley Planning Commission
Thousand Oaks Planning Division
Ventura Planning Division

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