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Transitional Age Youth Full Services Partnership

Program Description:tay mentalillness

This program serves transitional age youth (TAY), ages 18-25, who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness, many of whom are dually diagnosed with a co-occurring substance abuse disorder and who are at risk of homelessness, incarceration or hospitalization. The program is a residential community focused on providing supportive, social rehabilitation services in a beautiful environment in Camarillo. There is also an additional 15 TAY living independently throughout the county. The program supports these young adults in moving toward personal recovery by providing stabilization and skill development to live an independent and successful life within the community. Consumers receive a multidimensional range of services in a “whatever it takes” approach, focused on supporting their wellness and recovery, with an emphasis on moving toward living independently within the community. Residential services are provided by our partner Telecare, Inc. Clinical services are provided by VCBH.

Successful Outcomes:

There is always a special event in process, or being planned – always with TAY participation; just a few of these during the last year include; Dia de Los Muertos Celebration, TAY Picnic, HoliTAY, Parenting Group, Rewards Incentive Celebration, Voices 2013 – an event honoring TAY in Hollywood, CA, and a special screening of The Painted Brain and Workshop, in Los Angeles - all designed to serve and engage clients in safe meaningful experiences with peers and in their community.

Services and Supports:

Utilizing Evidence Based Practices to support the mental health well-being multiple group, therapy, medication management and rehabilitation services are provided. Additionally, groups focusing on social skills, creative expression, Lyrical Soul, drumming, life skills, Relationships, Mood Management, Art therapy are offered. A focus on holistic healing including Mind & Body, health and fitness, equine therapy and parenting are offered. Support to aid the young adult in their housing needs within the community is another priority of the program.

To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call 24/7 1-866-998-2243.

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