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Transformational Liaisons

Program Description:trans liaisons

The Transformational Liaisons provide support to consumers and family members who seek access to mental health services and supports. We are available to assist in navigating what is often a complex system, providing direction and referral, as well as offering monthly orientation meetings. The Liaisons provide consumers and family members with resource information; provide linkage and coordination within the mental health system; convey family members’ needs and concerns to mental health administrators and staff to enhance sensitivity and awareness; clarify family members’ role in the treatment process and empower them to support and effectively advocate on behalf of their loved one; represent consumer and family perspective within the mental health system; promote the active participation of consumers and family members in the design, monitoring and evaluation of public mental health in Ventura County; address the concerns of consumers and their family members regarding the mental health system and receive suggestions for improving care; ensure linkage for clients to file grievances and services are offered in Spanish.

Successful Outcomes:

Eight Welcome Workshops, one in Spanish, are held monthly for consumers new to the mental health system and their family members. Consumers and family members who have attended the Welcome Workshops report that they feel more comfortable coming to Behavioral Health and know more about the programs and procedures as a result. Consumers who have attended the orientation have fewer no shows, access a greater number of services, and have more clinic visits than those who have not attended.

Services and Supports:

Support is provided to prospective and current consumers and families as well as staff through: Information, education and outreach (consumer orientations, community outreach, and resource development); One-on-One support and advocacy (current/prospective consumers/family members and others in the community seeking resources); Systems support (Identify system barriers and promote stakeholder participation).

Additional information:

To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call 24/7 1-866-998-2243.

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