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Emergency Plan Template (Red Binder)



The Ventura County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Office (EPO) and the Ventura County Health Care Coalition (VCHCC) have collaborated with subject matter experts to consolidate the latest disaster preparedness, response, and recovery information available in an easy to use emergency plan template.

The purpose of this template is to assist in making the process of emergency planning routine; it should help planners – at all levels – in their efforts to develop and maintain a viable, all-hazards emergency plan. All members of a community share a critical role in taking appropriate actions to protect themselves, their families, patients, residents, staff, and properties. Planning that engages the whole community serves as a focal point for building a resilient community.

We truly hope that you find this template useful in the development of your emergency plan and
preparedness efforts!

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Disaster Prep. Binder Contents 2017 FINAL Page 01  cd  EMS Binder Tab Labels 02.09.17


 Cyber Security


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Planning for Outages

Post Thomas Fire, Southern California Edison (SCE) implemented their plan for Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) - a practice that SCE may use to preemptively shut off power in high risk areas to reduce fire risk during extreme and potentially dangerous weather conditions. View SCE's wildfire safety or PSPS webpage for more detailed information and brochures. 


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healthcare sector coordinating councils

Planning for Power Outages: A Guide for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities


Public Safety Power Shutoff Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Conducting an Internal Drill or Tabletop Exercise (TTX)


The following gaming applications have been developed by Los Angeles County with funding from the HPP grant.

CC 2               CC QR

Crisis Command is a real-time game for medical emergency management staff. Crisis Command requires 4 or 5 players, runs on almost all iOS devices, and takes under 15 minutes to play. Therefore, it can be used in conjunction with other training, and it is possible to play, conduct a debrief, and then play and debrief again in well under an hour!



surge world


Surge World is a rapid, repeatable triage and emergency management game designed for hospitals. Players can choose from the following game modes: (1) Triage – improve triage speed for pediatric and adult patients by testing your skills or (2) Logistics – practice department management in a stressful, fast-pasted environment.

CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule

On September 8, 2016, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) published a final rule on emergency preparedness for healthcare providers. The rule serves to establish national, consistent emergency preparedness requirements for 17 different providers and suppliers participating in Medicare and Medicaid. CMS Providers & Suppliers must have reached compliance by November 15, 2017.

4 core elements


CMS EP Rule Resources

  • Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Tools
    • Published by ASPR TRACIE, this document provides an evaluation of the current Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) tools avaiable. This evaluation offers the benefits and limitations of each tool as well as URL links to each tool.
  • Final Emergency Preparedness Rule (Federal Register)
    • This is a direct link to the CMS EP Rule on the Federal Register
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Emergency Preparedness Rule Page
    • This link will direct you to the CMS EP Rule dedicated page
  • ASPR TRACIE CMS Resource Page
    • This page offers resources specific to the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule on the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Technical Resources-Assistance Center-Information Exchange (TRACIE) page. ASPR TRACIE was created to meet the information and technical assistance needs of regional ASPR staff, healthcare coalitions, healthcare entities, healthcare providers, emergency managers, public health practitioners, and others working in disaster medicine, healthcare system preparedness, and public health emergency preparedness.
  • CMS EP Rule-Accreditation Standards Crosswalk from Yale New Haven Health System Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
    • Compiled and published by Yale New Haven Health System Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response, this crosswalk was created by mapping emergency and disaster related program, policy, communication, training and exercise elements of regulatory and accreditation standards to the CMS Emergency Preparedness Conditions of Participation.
  • CMS EP Rule Toolkits
    • Compiled and published by the Wisconson Department of Health Services, these toolkits give facilities that fall under the new rule an overview of the requirements for their provider type, as well as some sample templates that can be used in their planning efforts. In topic areas where there was not a tool or template readily available, the toolkit offers planning worksheets that feature a list of example questions to help facilities think through relevant issues that can help them draft their plans and policies.
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