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This page serves as a centralized location for healthcare providers to get information, guidance and updates on Ventura County health issues.

Click here to review the All Facilities Letter for California Department of Public Health measles guidance.

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Communicable Disease Reporting - CMR & TB Forms

Medical providers must report all suspected and confirmed reportable communicable disease cases or other unusual diseases to Public Health's Communicable Disease Office.

Patients with newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS or previous diagnosis and relocating to Ventura County should be reported to the HIV/AIDS office at (805) 652-3313. We ask that you contact us as soon as you receive the positive test result so that we may have a staff member there at the time of disclosure.

To file a Communicable Disease report (except for HIV/AIDS), complete and e-mail or FAX the CMR according to the instructions on the first page of the form.

CRE - Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae and Antimicrobial Resistance Order for Reporting

anti imagesAntibiogram Report

Phone Numbers

  • FAX forms to: 805-981-5200
  • To speak with CD staff during normal business hours, call: 805-981-5201
  • For after hour CD reporting, call: 805-214-7057
  • Email: VCPH-ID@ventura.org 

For TB information, visit Tuberculosis Specialty Clinic or call 805-385-9451.

For AIDS information visit our HIV/AIDS Program or report a case of HIV/AIDS, call: 805-652-3313.

Register Immunizations at CA Immunization Registry (CAIR) or by calling: (805) 981-5118 or (800) 578-7889

Providers: Get Smart About Antibiotics!

Antibiotics are becoming ineffective because bacteria are becoming resistant to our defenses. The CDC has launched a campaign to end antibiotic use when viruses are the likely cause of symptoms. Help patients "Get Smart. . .Read the Chart." Teach patients how best to get relief from viral infections. Use the CDC's "Viral Prescription Pad" for patients who have viruses. Watch CDC Commentary: Don't Give In and Give Those Antibiotics!

Click here to learn about Acceptance of Meaningful Use Data in Ventura County

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