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BHAB Executive Committee


Meeting Date/Time: 2nd Monday of each month at 1:00 PM. For more details please call (805) 981-1115.

Chair - Jerry Harris
First Vice Chair - Ratan Bhavnani
Second Vice Chair - Gane Brooking
Secretary - Kay Wilson-Bolton
Member-At-Large - Margaret Cortese
Member Emeritus - Janis Gardner

The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Chairperson, 1st and 2nd Vice-Chairpersons, Secretary, Member-At-Large and Member Emeritus.

Duties of the Executive Committee:

- Carry out any responsibilities delegated by the BHAB.
- Act in emergencies in any way it deems necessary when there is not time for the entire BHAB to act. Any such action taken will be consistent with the Brown Act.
- Comply with Brown Act requirements.


Meeting agendas and minutes:

BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 7-9-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 6-11-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 6-11-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 5-14-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 5-14-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 4-9-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 4-9-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 3-12-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 3-12-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 2-12-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 2-12-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 1-8-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 1-8-18
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 12-18-17 Special Meeting - Thomas Fire
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 12-18-17 Special Meeting
BHAB Executive Cmt. - No Meeting in December 2017

BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 11-13-17
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 11-13-17
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 10-9-17
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 10-9-17
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 9-11-17
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 9-11-17
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 8-14-17
BHAB Executive Cmt. Agenda 8-14-17
BHAB Executive Cmt. Minutes 7-10-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 7-10-17

BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 6-12-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 6-12-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 5-8-17

BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 5-8-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 4-10-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 4-10-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 3-13-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 3-13-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 2-13-17
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 2-13-17
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 1-9-17
  BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 1-9-17
BHAB Exec Cmt. - No Meeting in December 2016
  BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 11-14-16
  BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 11-14-16
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 10-10-16
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 10-10-16
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 9-12-16
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 9-12-16
BHAB Exec Cmt. Minutes 8-8-16
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 8-8-16
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 7-11-16
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 7-11-16
BHAB Exec Cmt. Minutes 6-6-16 with AOT grant letter
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 6-6-16
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 5-9-16
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 5-9-16
BHAB Exec. Cmt Minutes 4-11-16
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 4-11-16
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 3-14-16
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 3-14-16
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 2-8-16
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 2-8-16
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 1-11-16
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 1-11-16
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 11-9-15
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 11-9-15
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 10-12-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 10-12-15
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 9-14-15
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 9-14-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Minutes 8-10-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 8-10-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Minutes 7-13-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 7-13-15
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Minutes 6-8-15
BHAB Exec. Cmt. Agenda 6-8-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Minutes 5-11-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 5-11-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Minutes 4-13-15
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 4-13-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Minutes 3-9-15
BHAB Exec Cmt. Agenda 3-9-15
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 2-9-15
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 2-9-15
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 11-10-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 11-10-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 10-13-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 10-13-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 9-8-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 9-8-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 8-11-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 8-11-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 7-14-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 7-14-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 6-9-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 6-9-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 5-12-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 5-12-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 4-14-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 4-14-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 3-10-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 3-10-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Minutes 2-10-14
BHAB Exec Cmt Agenda 2-10-14

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