Behavioral Health Department

Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance

Manager, Henry E. Villanueva, Ed.D.  Phone:  805.289.3291  Email:


Quality Assurance supports the operations of the Ventura County Behavioral Health Department (VCBH) through a multitude of processes and services.  The overarching goal is to provide information to support the decision making process for VCBH, as well as providing the process for meeting regulatory requirements for policies, compliance and medication monitoring.  This is accomplished through a collaborative process partnering, as appropriate, with each division, contract providers and stakeholders.



Pharmacist, Patti Yoshida.  Phone:  805.981.9442.  Email:


Serves as a resource for the department regarding psychopharmacology, medication monitoring and compliance in response to various state and federal standards.  Collaborates with clinics and providers to maintain cost efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.


Quality Improvement

Manager - Jason Miller, Ph.D.  Phone:  805.289.3297  Email:

The purpose of the Quality Improvement (QI) program is to evaluate and improve VCBH services in the areas of efficiency, safety, consumer-centeredness, timely delivery, access, sustainability, and efficacy.  To accomplish these goals, the QI program collects, analyzes and reports data across the entire department.  The QI team then collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, systematically using data to inform the development of interventions and targets areas for improvement.


Quality Management

Supervisor - Candace Jacobsen, RN.  Phone:  805.289.3127, toll free 888.567.2122.  Email

Custodian of Records - Bertha Montiel.  Phone:  805.981.8795.  Email:


Reviews clinical records for service documentation compliance in each of the VCBH clinics and contract providers.  Serves as the point of authorization for the Ventura County Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, all fee-for-service acute psychiatric hospitalization providers and out of network providers.  Processes certification and re-certification of Medi-Cal organizational providers, coordinates provider and beneficiary appeals, grievances and requests for second opinions.  Stores and processes request for client records through the Medical Records Office.


Policy and Procedures

Vilma Contreras, MBA.  Phone:  805.289.3262  Email:


Policies define boundaries, either set by regulations, laws or organizational objectives that achieve compliance.  Outcomes sought include, achieving business objectives, preparing and protecting the organization, enhancing organizational culture, motivating desired conduct and improving responsiveness and efficiency.


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