Behavioral Health Department

Wraparound Program

Program Description:

Wraparound is a program which focuses intensive services on children with the goal of maintaining them in their own home and community.  These are youth who would otherwise be placed in out-of-home care settings such as residential treatment programs or group homes.  This goal is accomplished by bringing together a unique team comprised of professionals and individuals who know and care about the family. The Child and Family Team (CFT) works together to develop a plan which builds on the family strengths, using both natural supports along with community resources. The Wraparound motto is doing “whatever it takes” to keep the child and family together safely. Wraparound is considered a process not a service and, from the beginning of the process, the goal of Wraparound is for families to continue to succeed once formal supports (involvement of the CFT) has ended.  Referrals for Wraparound are made through Ventura County Probation and Human Services Agency/Children and Family Services.     

Successful Outcomes:

For FY 2012-13, the total number of families who participated in the Wraparound process was 128.  Of the families who accepted services and went through the process, 84.4% successfully completed the program.  All outcome measures related to increasing functionality, decrease problem severity, demonstrating progress towards meeting their plan of care goals, and remaining stable in their living environment were successfully met.  Fidelity to the Wraparound model, a promising practice, remains at 95% for the fiscal year.  

Services and Supports:

Families who participate in Wraparound are offered up to two months of follow up support after completing their process as a safety net to ensure successful transition.   



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