Behavioral Health Department

Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Program Description:

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) are individually tailored interventions designed to teach children and youth new skills to help them manage behaviors that, if unchecked, will result in out-of-home placement.  TBS is an ancillary service requested by a child’s mental health provider when other interventions have failed to adequately address extreme behaviors.  Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families delivers this program through a well-trained interdisciplinary team of professional staff.  Services are focused on working cooperatively and collaboratively with the child, their family, community agencies, and other professionals involved with the child and family.   

Successful Outcomes:

The TBS program has been very successful in preventing placement of clients in more restrictive settings.  During the past year, TBS served 156 clients with 144 clients closed with a good response to services.  A post TBS survey that followed 32 clients 6 months after terminating TBS services showed 100% of clients were NOT arrested or had any incidents with the law; 100% of clients NOT psychiatrically hospitalized; 98% of children continued to utilize the coping skills learned through TBS; and 100% of the families surveyed were satisfied with the services they received from TBS.

Quotes from clients and families:  “We had lost hope in the system and nothing worked until we found TBS…”-Parent; “Services were a great help and I noticed a dramatic change in my son”-Mom.

 Thank you – I am forever grateful for TBS services” –Mother of client who was cutting and exhibited unsafe behaviors;  “I’m happy you came into my life, because you are helping me get better”-6 year old client.

Services and Supports:

TBS is based on an evidence based practice, Applied Behavioral Analysis but borrows techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trust-Based Relational Interventions, and Motivational Interviewing.  TBS services are provided where ever they are needed, including the family home, group homes, Boys & Girls Clubs, or other community-based locations that meet the needs of the child and family.  The TBS workers are available from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with some exceptions on weekends. 


To receive services the youth must have:

 - Full-scope Medi-Cal 

 - Meet medical necessary criteria

 - Currently receive a specialty mental health service

 - Are at risk of being placed in an RCL 12 group home or higher Residential Treatment Placement

 - Are transitioning from an RCL group home to a lover level of care and need support in making the transition

 - Have a psychiatric hospitalization within the past two years or are currently at risk of hospitalization due to mental health problems.



To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call 24/7 1-866-998-2243.



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