Behavioral Health Department

Juvenile Justice Subsystem

Program Description:

The Juvenile Justice (JJ) Ventura County Behavioral Health (VCBH) team has training, expertise, and experience in juvenile forensic mental health services, a unique clinical specialty in the behavioral health system of care.  JJ VCBH staff work within the Juvenile Facility with youth in detention and partner with Probation in both blending mental health treatment within facility operations, and enhancing the facility’s rehabilitation milieu.  JJ VCBH staff have clinical skills specifically honed to work with juvenile offenders.  Developmental trauma, community trauma, multi-dimensional family deficits, criminal thinking, gang culture/association, nihilism and street violence are among the predominant range of clinical areas addressed by the staff, which distinguishes JJ VCBH from typical community mental health services.  JJ VCBH represents the particular needs of high-risk youth and juvenile offenders, and advocates for suitable services within the larger behavioral health system of care.  JJ VCBH has initiated and continues to initiate changes in the VCBH system to improve services to this client population.  JJ VCBH oversees the mental health services at the Specialty Court Program level.  As well, these specialty programs provide a school setting for high-risk youth with mental health and/or alcohol and other drug issues.  Additionally, JJ VCBH serves as a bridge between VCBH and the Ventura County Probation Agency and Juvenile Court.      

Successful Outcomes:

In FY 12-13, JJ VCBH provided services to 551 unduplicated youth; 34% diagnosed with mood disorders, 25% anxiety disorders with 10% PTSD.

Services and Supports:

The JJ VCBH has implemented evidence based practice groups such as Seeking Safety, mindfulness practice and DBT skills.  JJ VCBH staff utilize cognitive behavioral therapy with special focus on criminal thinking.  The program also provides aftercare linkage and referral, as well as critical input for Probation’s client aftercare planning.


To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call 24/7 1-866-998-2243.



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