Behavioral Health Department

BHAB Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Committee

Meeting Date/Time:  4th Thursday of each month at 10:30 AM.  For more details please call (805) 981-1115.


Chair - McKian Nielsen


The committee will be chaired by an appointed BHAB member, and reporting directly to the BHAB, the committee will advocate for the mental health, wellness and recovery of youth ages 16 through 25.


Duties of the committee:


 - Monitor and advise the Department related efforts to help TAY launch and become healthy and productive adults.

 - Comply with the requirements of the Brown Act.


If you are interested in joining this or other BHAB committees, please send us an email at or call (805) 981-1115.


Meeting agendas and minutes:

BHAB TAY Cmt. Meeting-NO Meeting Dec 2016

BHAB TAY Cmt. Meeting - NO Meeting on 10-27-16

BHAB TAY Cmt. Agenda 10-27-2016

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 9-22-16

BHAB TAY Cmt. Agenda 9-22-16


BHAB TAY Cmt. Minutes 7-28-16

BHAB TAY Cmt. Agenda 7-28-16

BHAB TAY Cmt  Minutes 6-23-16

BHAB TAY Cmt. Agenda 6-23-16

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 5-26-16

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 5-26-16

BHAB TAY Cmt. Minutes 4-28-16

BHAB TAYCmt. Agenda 4-28-16

BHAB TAY Cmt. Minutes 3-24-16

BHAB TAY Cmt. Agenda 3-24-16

BHAB TAY Cmt. Minutes 2-25-16

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 2-25-16

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 10-22-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 10-22-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 9-24-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 9-24-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 6-25-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 6-25-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 5-28-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 5-28-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 4-23-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 4-23-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 3-26-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 3-26-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 2-26-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 2-26-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 1-22-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 1-22-15

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 10-23-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 10-23-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 9-25-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 9-25-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 7-24-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 7-24-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 5-22-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 5-22-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 4-24-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 4-24-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 3-27-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 3-27-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Minutes 2-27-14

BHAB TAY Cmt Agenda 2-27-14


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