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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB), you may complete the application and return it to Behavioral Health Advisory Board, 1911 Williams Drive, Suite 200, Oxnard, CA 93036 or via email to Click here for Appointment Application.  


Each Supervisor may appoint three mental health representatives and one substance use disorder representative to the BHAB. Membership should reflect the ethnic diversity of the client population of Ventura County.


The BHAB shall consist of the following:


 - Fifty percent (50%) or more should be consumers or the parent, spouse, sibling, or adult children of consumers who are receiving or have received mental health services. At least twenty percent (20%) of the membership (five members) shall be consumers and at least twenty percent (20%) of the membership (five members) shall be family members of consumers of mental health services.

 - The term of each members shall be for three years, with appointments staggered over a three-year period.

 - Appointed members must commit to regular attendance at meeting and participation on one committee.

 - One member of the BHAB shall be a member of the County's Board of Supervisors.


Another way to participate in BHAB activities is to serve on a committee.  Committee membership is open to all community stakeholders and members: consumers, family members, community-based organizations, county agencies, and those interested in promoting the mental wellness and resiliency of our community.  We strive to ensure there is a cross section of individuals, community based organizations, and agencies representing the diversity of Ventura County.




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