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Assist / Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Laura’s Law)

Program Description:
Assist is Ventura County Behavioral Health’s Assisted Outpatient program (sometimes referred to as “Laura’s Law). Assist provides needed treatment to individuals with serious mental illness who have difficulty living safely in the community and who have declined mental health care and/or have struggled to engage in mental health treatment in the past. Assist employs a client-centered approach to outreach and engagement in the hope of gaining individuals’ voluntary acceptance of mental health services, however, there is the potential for court-ordered treatment to supervise mental health care when circumstances warrant. The court process is only used after every effort has been made to encourage individuals who need treatment to voluntarily participate in Assist.

Successful Outcomes:
It is the goal of the Assist program to promote wellness and recovery in the least restrictive environment and reduce the cycle of psychiatric hospitalizations, homelessness and incarcerations that commonly are associated with a reluctance to accept mental health treatment.

Services and Supports:
Assist provides intensive mental health services with frequent client contact and a 24-hour team response. Services include psychiatric care and medication management, access to primary health care, substance abuse counseling, benefits and resource coordination and linkage, supportive housing, vocational rehabilitation, and peer and family member education and support.

To access Assist mental health services please call
• (805) 981-4233 (regular business hours)
• (866) 998-2243 After hours and weekends

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