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If you decide to use this Website to pay a fee, please note the following:


You will be charged a service fee by the company that assists us in processing payments, the amount of which service fee will be disclosed to you in connection with making your payment. Payment methods are limited to Visa, Mastercard credit cards or debit cards with Visa, Mastercard logos. You do not have to make your payment using this Website. YOu may also make your payment in person at any Ventura County Animal Shelter. In person, payment methods that are accepted are cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or debit cards displaying Visa or Mastercard logo.


Your payment date is the date on which you select and depress the "Submit Payment" button. At the end of your transaction you will be able to print a receipt to obtain for your records.


We offer the ability to make payments using this Website as a courtesy only. We assume no obligation to ensure that it is available for your use. There may be times when the service is unavailable due to, among other reasons, system maintenance or outages. Accordingly, you are cautioned not to wait until the due date to attempt to pay your license fees online through this Website. Division 4 - Chapter 4 - Article 1- Section 4415 of the Ventura County Ordinance Code specifies that a penalty equal to 100% of the license fee is imposed for license fee payments made after the due date. Therefore, if this Website is unavailable, please plan to  use an alternate payment method.


If you have questions about the amount due in your invoice and/or do not believe that your license should be renewed, contact VCAS either in person by visiting one of the County's shelters or over the phone, by calling (805) 388-4341 option 5 prior to the due date listed on your license renewal notice. 


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