Microchip Implants

Ventura County Animal Services uses TROVAN brand microchip technology to help us identify lost animals that may not be wearing identification tags and to ensure the safety of animals that are adopted from our shelters.


The small grain-of-rice sized chip is painlessly injected into an animal's neck, just under the skin, prior to adoption and the chip number is recorded along with the owner's name, address, and phone number in both the shelter's database and in a national registry.


Every animal that comes through our doors, dead or alive, is scanned with a wand or passed by a scanner which senses the chip and displays the ID number. Animals are scanned once when impounded and again prior to euthanasia.


Our shelter only scans for TROVAN microchips but is able to detect the presence of some of the other chips manufactured by AVID and Shearing-Plough.  Although we cannot recommend TROVAN as being better or worse than other microchips it is the only microchip which can be easily and routinely located by our staff.


Microchips are a great supplement to identification tags, but they are not a substitute! If someone without a TROVAN scanner finds your animal, they will not be able to trace it to you unless it has current license or ID tags. 


Contact your veterinarian to get you pet "chipped."

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