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Adult Residential Services (ARS)

Program Description:

Adult Residential Services provides services to ensure effective treatment in the least restrictive environments for high risk consumers who require intensive services and supports and thus reside in in-county and out-of-county locked settings, residential placements and mental health treatment facilities (Social Rehabilitation Facilities, Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities, Institutes for Mental Disease-IMDs, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Psycho-social Rehabilitation Facilities, and State Hospitals). Consumers placed in these facilities usually have no option for a less restrictive and/or local community placement due to their behavioral histories and or symptom acuities.

Successful Outcomes:

ARS serves individuals who otherwise struggle to manage their mental health needs in the community. Their efforts are aimed at assisting consumers in accessing residential placements and structured mental health treatment programs and facilities. ARS monitors services consumers receive in residential placements and mental health programs to ensure that these individuals can successful return to less restrictive community living and service systems.

Services and Supports:

Adult Residential Services provides assessment, rehabilitation services (skill building services to decrease functional impairments,) advocacy, crisis intervention, and placement services and assist individuals in accessing benefits, health care, Recovery and Wellness Programs, and other community supports and services. In addition psychiatric services, medication support services, and individual and group therapy services are also provided to clients residing in in-county residential placements and structured mental health treatment programs. The ARS staff includes psychiatrists, nurses, licensed psychologist(s), master level clinicians, and case managers.

To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call 24/7 1-866-998-2243.

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